HDMI monitor connection not working via Plugable USB 3.0 docking station


I connected a BenQ G-60 monitor via HDMI and there is no display (it says “cable not connected” then goes black). The monitor was detected at setup and the drivers installed; I can see it in the Display Setup window. I have a Dell monitor setup via the DVI connector and it works fine as the 3rd screen, so I tried the BenQ via the DVI connector and it worked that way. Therefore there is something wrong with the HDMI connection.
I used the recommended screen resolution at setup. Please help.


Hi Paul,

I’ll be happy to help investigate.

As a first step, please make sure that you’ve manually set the input on the BenQ to HDMI, just in case the auto input selection isn’t working as expected.

If you’ve manually set the input and the issue persists, we’ll want to have a look at the installation and error logs. Can you please gather a set of system logs using our log-gathering tool from the link below:

You’ll want to run the utility with the dock and both monitors attached. It will save a .ZIP file to your desktop that can be emailed over for analysis. Please email it to support@plugable.com with “Ticket 103098” in the subject.

Once we have a look at the logs, we’ll see what the best approach will be.



It worked by manually changing the input. Thank you.


Hi Paul,

Appreciate the update and glad that did the trick.