HDMI display not working after reconnecting usb c cable

I just bought the 4k thunderbolt 3 dock for my 2018 MacBook Pro. Im aware that the display link ports do not work, but I am planning to use all the other ports. The ethernet, usb’s, and audio work just fine but im having a problem with the hdmi port. It works, but only if I reconnect the hdmi cable after I have connected the usb cable to my MacBook. So if I ever unplug the dock from my computer, and then replug it back in, the monitor just says no signal found, and then I have to unplug and replug in the hdmi port. After I do that it connects and works fine but im not to sure why it does this as it is my only issue and is annoying. How can I fix this?

Hi Luke,

I believe you and I are working directly via email on this since you contacted us there as well.

For any other customers that are having similar issues please contact us at support@plugable.com for the quickest reply.

Thank you and best wishes!
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

I am having the exact same issue on both of my docks (I have two, one for home and one for my office). This issue is new with my brand new 2018 MacBook Pro. I used to have a 2016 MacBook Pro that I used with these same docks for 2 years without issue.

EDIT: I should add some specs:

  • 15" 2018 MBP. So I have a dedicated GPU, not just integrated
  • I only one display connected to the 4k (non-displaylink) port. This is the one having issues
  • Both the old 2016 and new 2018 are running the same version of MacOS 10.13.6