HDMI Display not scaling normally

Once connected to displaylink my 2nd monitor image runs over the screen by a 1/4 inch on all sides. My VGA monitor connection seems to be fine but my 2nd monitor which is connected by HDMI cannot scale correctly to fit the screen regardless of what resolution I try.

Hi Dale, thanks for posting and thank you for the description of the behavior you are seeing! Based off of this, it sounds like you may be experiencing an issue with overscanning, which is a common issue on some dispalys. Some displays have an option in their settings menus related to Aspect Ratio along the lines “Just scan” or “pixel for pixel” which can adjust this. Would your display happen to have an option to change the aspect ratio in this manner? If you are unsure, please just let us know the specific brand and model of display you are using and I can look up the manual online to help determine if this is available.

Pending that information, we have made a short video talking about overscan issues when using a TV that you may find useful (although not pertaining to your specific setup) -> https://youtu.be/7mKRhPKzI7g.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies