HDMI display not recognized on return from sleep

Using USB-C Docking Station with HP Spectra laptop and HDMI display. When returning from sleep, computer does not see HDMI display. Cycling power on dock or disconnecting and reconnecting HDMI-C restores the display.

Hello Paul,

Which model USB-C dock did you purchase? We make two.

Also which exact model HP laptop do you have?


Hey Josh,

Thanks for the reply. I have a UD-CA1. The HP laptop is the Spectre Laptop (13.3"), Product # W2K28UA#ABA

The original HDMI problem has been solved by changing the USB Selective Suspend settings.

There is a new issue, however. The dock does not seem to deliver power to the laptop. The only ports on the laptop are three USB-C. They all accept power delivery from the supplied AC adapter but not from the dock.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for the tip about the HDMI being fixed by selective suspend.

The HP USB-C systems are not compatible with non HP docks or chargers for charging from out experience. Unfortunately there is no fix at this time. We have now updated our product page for this dock to reflect this.

If you need to return our dock because of this we completely understand.


Hey Josh,

Thanks for the info. I was afraid this might be the case. Any chance your USB-C 3 Port Hub will pass through power to my hp laptop from it’s supplied power adapter?

Unfortunately not… These HP systems appear to only work with HP accessories at this time.