HDMI Connection / Wireless Bluetooth and Mouse Receivers / Audio Interface

While my computer has a USB-C port, my wife’s does not. We currently have an external monitor that we would like to use with our laptops (only one laptop at a time, not simultaneously). If our external monitor is connected to the Triple Display Docking Station’s HDMI port, would she be able to connect her laptop to the other HDMI port in the docking station and have her laptop projected onto the external monitor?

Also, we have a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse with USB type A Bluetooth receivers (one receiver for each). If we plug each of these Bluetooth receivers into the available USB ports on the docking station, will this allow us to connect whichever laptop is currently being used to the keyboard and mouse?

Finally, I will be connecting an audio interface with a USB-C cable to my laptop. If I connect this piece of hardware to the USB-C port on the front of the docking station, will it be connected to my laptop via the docking station?

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for posting! To your questions…

  1. In regard to ‘sharing’ the monitor between the two systems, our dock does not work in the way you describe. The dock’s video outputs are only available to a USB-C host system directly connected directly to the unit via a USB-C cable.

  2. In regard to the Bluetooth receiver question, any USB device connected to the dock’s USB Type-A ports is only available for use with the directly connected USB-C host system.

  3. Yes, a USB-C device connected to the USB-C port on the front of the docking station would be accessible by a USB-C system connected directly to the dock.

Hopefully that information helps!

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Just to clarify…If I get an HDMI to USB-C cable and connect her HDMI port to the dock’s USB-C host port, this will not work?

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for getting back. If I understand your description correctly, no that will not work. The dock can only be used when directly connected to a host system with a USB Type-C port via the included USB-C to USB-C cable. It will not work in any other type of configuration.

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Thank you much! That answers my question. One last one: my personal laptop has a USB Type A 3.1 port on it. Can I connect to your UD-3900 docking station with this port?

You are very welcome Tyler! To your question, yes our UD-3900 dock will connect to the USB Type-A port on your Windows system.