HDMI connection from monitor to Plugable not recognized by MacBook

HDMI connection to Plugable not showing up as monitor connected to MacBook Pro which is connected to Plugable by USB-C. Connecting monitor directly to MacBook via USB-C adapter for HDMI works fine.

monitor---->Plugable via HDMI, then Plugable —>MacBook via USB-C doesn’t work

Monitor —> MacBook via HDMI using an HDMI to USB-C adapter works great.

USB-C is the only connection option on new MacBook Pro

Do I have to use a DVI-I or other connection between monitor and Plugable to get this to work??

Plugable model UD-ULTCDL (not an option in the dropdown Product listing here)

Saw someone else posted the same issue.

I was never able to find a workaround for this after much searching and a couple calls with support. In the end I just have resigned myself to having two USB-C connectors that I use each day. 1 for the Plugable and all other peripherals and one for my HDMI monitor. In fairness to them, it could be having to introduce an Apple HDMI adapter into the equation that makes this squirrelly, but that’s the only way to connect to the monitor from a MacBook.

Otherwise, the Plugable has solved my issue of needing something to work like a PC docking station and I’d recommend it to others.