HDMI Connection for Second Screen not working for Dell Latitude 7290

Display not working for second monitor. When I connect to laptop it works, but when I connect HDMI directly into Plugable it doesn’t detect connection. Tried to power cycle, reset, and DVI adaptor, but no luck so far. Running Win10 OS.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue with your secondary display and would be happy to help assist.

When you have a moment, would you be able to collect a set of diagnostic logs generated by our PlugDebug utility? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help our support team understand what could be happening. To collect these logs, please have the device plugged into your computer, and please follow this link for instructions: https://plugable.com/pages/plugdebug

The tool will collect system logs into a ZIP file and save them to your Desktop. Please do not reply here rather email us at support@plugable.com to send us your log files directly. Please reference ticket # 341354 so we can match things up and offer the next best steps.


Michael S.