HDMI 4K port not working?

I am concerned that the HDMI 4K port on my new Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is not working.
I have successfully connected, via the HDMI 2K port a monitor with HDMI connection, another with VGA for which I purchased a VGA/HDMI converter, and also my TV. I have also connected a monitor successfully via the DVI port. However, I have not been able to connect a third monitor, as nothing I have connected via the HDMI 4K port has yielded any result – nothing detected by Windows 10. Does this indicate that the port is faulty?
As I do not currently have a USB to VGA adapter I have been unable to try connecting the third monitor via USB, but I have ordered one.
I followed instructions I found at http://support.plugable.com/plugable/… for running DisplayLink cleaner tool with no effect.
Peter Hall, Australia

As an update to my post, I now have my display extended over four screens - two connected via my Plugable docking station, one plugged directly to the Notebook via VGA lead and HDMI adapter and the Notebook itself
Still unable to connect a monitor via Plugable HDMI 4K port.

Hello Peter,

Thanks for contacting us, sorry to hear about this issue.

You didn’t mention what model computer you have, some computers do not support the 4K port as mentioned on our product page. The computer has to support USB-C DisplayPort VESA Alternate Mode for the 4K port to function.

The DisplayLink drivers are only for the 2K and DVI ports.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Thanks Joshua. My computer is an HP 15-bs030TX 15.6". I searched the net to find whether it supported VESA Alternate Mode without success. Please advise.

Hello Peter,

Looking at the system model it appears to be an HP Pavilion notebook which unfortunately we’ve not had any experience with first hand for testing. I’ll see what I can find out via the HP technical documentation.

For now, can you tell me aside from the 4K, does everything else seem to function OK? Charging and USB connectivity?


Hi Josh
I believe everything else is OK though I stilll have to check out some of the connections.

Thanks for the update.

I unfortunately confirmed my suspicion that your system does not support video over USB-C:


“2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Data transfer only)”

This would explain the 4K port not working.


Hi Josh
Many thanks for your response. I found that with Plugable I can extend over two external monitors in addition to the Notebook screen that I hadn’t counted on. And I can plug a third monitor into the Notebook giving me four screens which is more than I expected. So I’m happy!

Hi Peter,

Glad to help and that you’re happy with the things that are currently working!

Best wishes,