HDMI (4K) Port Not Identifying Monitor


HDMI (4k) port is not working
I’m using the Triple Display Docking Station with a laptop, which I plan to extend/duplicate upon two monitors. My laptop is a ThinkPad but does not have a USB-C port, so I am currently using a USB cable to connect to the laptop and the other end is USB-C, which is connected to the Triple Display Dock. Both of my monitors are Acer 27 inch (model: S271HL DBID), and I am connecting both to the Triple Dock via HDMI cables. The 2K HDMI port is functioning with both monitors, but the 4K HDMI port does not work with either, so I know my cables and monitors are in good shape.

  1. Why can’t I get the 4K HDMI port to function and display my second monitor? The 2K HDMI port works perfect.

  2. Is there a way I can connect and charge my ThinkPad, which does not have a USB-C port, using USB or it’s power cord through an adapter of some kind? The power cable that my laptop uses is Lenova 20V 3.25A 65W Ac Laptop Power Adapter Charger and I would love to power it through the Triple Dock, but I understand this may not be possible.

Laptop Charger > https://www.google.com/search?q=power…:




Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, as well as providing such great information and descriptions of your configuration and issues you are experiencing! I would be happy to assist!

The reason why you are not able to charge or display via the 4K port on the Triple Display docking station, is due to the fact that your system does not have a USB-C port, and you are utilizing a USB A to USB-C adapter. The UD-ULTCDL utilizes a technology called VESA Alt-Mode, which is your systems ability to utilize “DisplayPort Via USB-C”. Since your system does not have an actual USB-C port, you will not be able to utilize the 4K HDMI Port. The same can be said for Power Delivery, as this also requires the newer generation USB-C port that supports power delivery, and not a standard USB 3.0 port.

I am sorry that this is the case, and I apologize if our compatibility listings for the UD-ULTCDL (www.plugable.com/products/ud-ultcdl) were not clear! I would not want you to be stuck with a docking station that you cannot fully utilize for your needs, so I would be more than happy to help initiate a refund for you if you would like to contact us directly at support@plugable.com, and we can also advise on some alternatives for connecting 2-3 displays to your system

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support


Hi Everyone,

We hope Adam was able to receive our response regarding why his individual configuration was not allowing him to charge or utilize the 4K port on his docking station. We have not received a response back, but have included instructions for contacting us directly to find alternative products of ours that he can utilize.

If anyone is experience the same issue, or has any similar questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at support@plugable.com, and we would be more than happy to assist!

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support