HDMI 2K display issue

I had a 7IN1E adaptor on Macbook Air M1 Chip. It is strange, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I had to do multiple times of plug and unplug for it to works.

Could this be the cable issue or something else?

KL Tan

Hi KL Tan,

Thanks for posting!

I’d like to ask a couple questions to better clarify what could be going wrong.

  1. Is it only the HDMI display that sometimes works and sometimes fails? What about the USB ports, Ethernet, charging, or SD slots?
  2. Are you seeing the same problem on both Thunderbolt/USB4 ports on the M1 Mac? Or just one?

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


Answer 1. All other USB ports are working, Charging is okay.
Answer 2. Both ports behave the same.

Now I have another issue. Whenever I plug in this docking station with the HDMI plugged, the system will panic after a certain time. It happens many times.

If I did not use the HDMI, the device works fine.

Attached is the image of the report.

Thanks for the update.

If you haven’t tried swapping out the HDMI cable with a known-good spare, that would be a great first step to take.

Regarding the panic – does that occur consistently everytime you connect the USBC-7IN1E hub to the system? Or does it appear intermittently?

Thank you!


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