Have windows 7.. Just got digital microscope... can't get it to do Anything on any of my computers.. other computers have Windows 8

Got something from Sam…! ! ! He said the issue is solved…? ? ?
Hay Sam you need to talk to me … What did you say…???
Oh. you were going to send me a new microscope and $ 100.00 cash for my time…

Hey Larry,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue!

In our ticketing system, we mark tickets as solved when we’ve finished a reply. This is so that when you reply back to the ticket, it immediately notifies me and puts your response in my queue so that I can get to it as quickly as possible.

It really sounds like the unit you received is defective. I wanted to verify that, but rather than have you jump through hoops, let’s just get a replacement headed your way, then we can work from there.

If you could respond to that ticket email with your Amazon Order ID and a current shipping address, I can get that headed your way today.

I’m sorry for the frustration, and I really appreciate your patience!

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies

For anyone else experiencing similar issues, it turns out that Larry was just having problems accessing the Digital Viewer program on his Windows 7 machine. The instructions to access Plugable Digital Viewer on Windows 7 are:

  1. Press the windows key
  2. In the search box, type “Digital Viewer”
  3. Click the result called “Plugable Digital Viewer”

At this point, Digital Viewer should open. If the microscope is plugged in, you should see an image on the screen. You may have to turn on the microscope’s light by rotating the LED control ring near the top of the device.

If these instructions don’t help, please contact us at support@plugable.com