Have just recieved the plugable ethernet adapter, how do I install the necessary drivers without a mini disc port ?

The desktop in the main house has no mini disc port, A cat 5 ethernet cable runs to the guest cottage with an ethernet socket, our guest has a lap-top with a USB port but no mini-disc port

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting your question here! The drivers for all our USB Ethernet products can be downloaded from http://plugable.com/drivers/network

For systems that have wireless connectivity, drivers can be download and installed from the above link.

The easiest way to install drivers to a system that does not have wireless connectivity is to download the driver installer from the above link on a flash drive connected to a system (desktop in the main house probably) that does have Internet connectivity, connect this flash drive to the laptop (the system that does not have either Internet connectivity or a CD drive) via USB and run the installer on that system.

Hope the above information helps! If you need any additional information, please do feel free to shoot us an email at support@plugable.com. We are here to help!