Hard drive turning on when computer is off!?


Hi I have a plugable hard drive dock. For some reason when my computer is off my hard drive in this dock will occasionally have nights where the hard drive keeps turning on and off. After about 20 minutes with my computer off I hear my hard drive spin up and it sounds louder than usual but I’m not sure. Then the hard drive shuts down after another 20 or so minutes.


Hi Edward,

Thanks for posting your interesting question here. That’s not something we’ve observed or had reported before so I’m going to do some experiments here to see if we can recreate the behavior. In the meantime can you tell me some more details? I’m wondering what model of disk drive you have as well as the make and model of computer and operating system and version you’re running.

Also, are completely shutting down the computer or is in sleep or hibernate mode?

Let me know these additional details and I’ll set up a test here to see what we can learn.

Thanks again,

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Sorry for the late reply, i never got an email notification. im currently using a WD 320 gb hard drive in the dock. mdl: wd3200aks. the computer is being shut down and not put to sleep or hibernation. The computer i am using is a custom rig i put together.
Evga x58 classified 4 way sli.
i7 920
corsair ax1200
windows 7 pro 64bit
not sure what else you’d like to know.
and to be clear i think this is a rare occurrence. although i usually am not awake long after i shut off my computer, i’ve only noticed this happening i think 5 times since i’ve been using the dock (about 3 months). the last occurrence was the night before my op. i am just worried that one day it will break the hard drive i have docked since it seems the drive basically constantly ramps to full speed and then idles repeating constantly all night and the drive gets very hot. and i’m sorry but i can’t remember ever doing anything particular before this occurs. it seems to just happen randomly. thanks.


Hi Edward,

Thanks for the additional detail. That’s not something we’ve seen before. We’ll try to recreate the issue here, but in the meantime can you forward your Amazon Order ID over to support@plugable.com?


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