GUI, mouse and other LAG on the secondary screens with UD-3900

I am using an UD-3900 with DisplayLink Manager 7.7.59503.0 on a Sony laptop (VAIO Flip 15 (Intel HD + NVidia graphics) with i7-4500 - 8Go - Win 8.1 64 bits Core…
On the UD-3900 are two Dell 24" pluged and two USB2 ext. disks.

I am having a sort of Lag or latency with the mouse and displays on the 2 Dell screens, when I am not having this phenomenon on the main screen of the laptop… It is quite annoying and I really don’t understand why.

Is there an app I can use to check what’s going on and if there is a “bandwith issue” ?

I have rolled back to a previous system point of recovery, and using DisplayLink Mgr 7.757957.0 but does not seem to solve…
If I remember well I flashed the Hub a few days ago, maybe there is a possibility to flash it again with an older driver ?

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for reaching out to us, I’d be more than happy to assist you with the lag that you are experiencing with your UD-3900. The bandwidth on USB 3.0 is quite high, so it would be unlikely that you are hitting a bandwidth issue. Without knowing much more, I suspect the problem is most likely related to a software conflict.

In order to figure out what exactly is going on, we’ll want to collect a bit of additional information.

First, does the lag occur when no other programs are operating?

Second, it would be helpful to get the logs from your system. When you get a chance, can you please go to this site with the UD-3900 connected to your computer, follow the prompts there, and send the resulting .zip file to us at


Plugable Technologies

Stephen, when no program is running I can also see a difference in the speed of the mouse, i.e. when I use the mouse on the principal (laptop) screen, the cursor moves pretty fast and smoothly. When I do the same on the 2 others screens, it is slower and there are jerks.
The phenomenon is much more viewable when, for example :

  • I open Excel and a sheet on my principal screen, I move and work inside, it’s with full speed and smoothness,
  • then I change the location of the same excel windows to one of the secondary screens, I work, but now the response is slower…
    It is not that it is blocking but I use the UD-3900 with the same config since months and I have the feeling that it became slower lately.
    Okay I will email the debug file ASAP.

Stephen I could not test the UD-3900 on another laptop with USB 3

BUT I think that my ports are not more running at “superspeed” after I saw this link here :…

In fact, when I use a fast USB3 Flashdrive (Sandisk) on the same ports, it seems that they are no more in superspeed…

I tried to check the USB devices (control panel) and see nothing wrong there but I can’t figure out how to re-activate them at ultra speed ?

After many many hours of investigations, this is what I found (I write here as it might be usefull for others).
It seems that a recent update of windows 8.1 may have rendered my USB 3 superspeed ports, randomly un-functional…
In the devices, on the Control Panel, when showing the hidden devices, I was having one “generic superspeed hub” un-functional with an error code 45…So far I don’t know what this “45 error” means.

So I deleted all the USB devices and rebooted…
This solved the issue as after, when I have plugged my UD-3900, I saw an installation, with a window saying “pending USB 2.0 Hub installation” ? why USB 2.0???
and then an immediate super good performance (like it was days ago), with super smooth mouse cursor and windows movements.

BUT this morning, the issue is here again, the Superspeed generic Hub has disappeared after reboot. It is even no more listed in the devices ??? There is something random here…why I don’t know ?

attached are 2 images (one with the USB devices Good) and the other when I reboot…

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