Green Light Not Working on BRAND NEW PLUGABLE UGA-2K-A

I bought your plugable UGA-2K-A from amazon as I live in Oman and it doesn’t work! Extremely disappointed to say the least, the green light just refused to work. I have tried it on several PC’s and laptops to no avail.

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for posting - I’m sorry, that’s frustrating. Don’t worry - we’ll figure out what’s wrong and get you up and running with a software or hardware fix (even if you’re in Oman).

The graphics adapter LED is lit only when both hardware and driver (software) are working. It could be a bad unit (in which case we’ll be able to get you a replacement) or it could be a software problem.

To rule out a software problem, could you please run DisplayLink’s debug tool (here’s how:…) and email the resulting .zip file that it places in the a folder on your desktop, to

Also include the Amazon order # in the email (for the order that was forwarded to you in Oman).

From that, we should be able to see whether we’re looking at a software or hardware issue, to get you fixed.

Thanks for working with us until we can get you whole!


Thanks alot for the support and the offer of replacing the device for me even though I live in Oman which is half way across the world, it comes to show the values of your company, few companies go so far. I have solved the issue which was an error on my side. You guys win a vouch on amazon for your excellent customer service, keep it up!

Kind regards,


Hi Ahmed,

Wonderful! We’re glad to have you up and running! Thanks for the kind words!