Green Light not showing

Everything was working fine after my initial install. I unplugged only the power to do some wire management, and now just the blue light is showing…no green light.

I have 2 monitors, and wireless keyboard/mouse, and web cam plugged into the device.

Please help…Cliff

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for posting!

The green light on the dock will turn on when a device is connected through any of the six USB ports on the dock, but only while a host computer is connected to the dock.

Can you confirm that you have a computer connected to the dock using the included USB 3.0 host cable?

While simple, you may want to double-check that this USB 3.0 host cable is properly connected to the USB (Type-B) host port on the back of the dock.

Thank you!


I am having the same problem. I have a UD-3900 that has worked fine until yesterday. It connects to a 4 USB (standard) port converter, which converts it to the new small USC which then connects to my Dell XPS13. I also have 2 exterior hard drives connected to the UD-3900. The blue light is on, so I assume that it getting power. The green light is not on. All of the connections seem to be solid. I tried another adapter (standard USB to new(er) small size USB) and it didn’t change anything, so I assume that the adapter is not at fault. I have win10 which I believe is up to date. I have plugged, unplugged and replugged and still no green light. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks. Bob

Hi Bob,

The quickest and easiest way to isolate this kind of problem to the Plugable dock would be to connect a different computer to it.

If you have another computer with a USB 3.0 port, please connect it to the dock and let me know if you see the same problem.

Thank you!


Thanks for the suggestion. I realized that I had a second USB input on this laptop that I always use for the power cord. I switched the plugable cord into the other input and, problem solved. (I have had an issue with the other input previously. It apparently needs to be tightened internally from time to time.)Thanks again. Bob

Glad to hear you were able to resolve that issue, Bob! Thanks for the update.


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