Great Video, No Audio

I just received a Plugable USB2-HDMI-165 USB to HDMI Video and Audio Adapter for PC to TV 720p (DisplayLink DL-165 chip) from Amazon to use to mirror my HP Pavilion dv 8 i7 laptop pc (Windows7 Pro).

I contacted DisplayLink this morning with this problem and they suggested making the USB sound the default. I did that and had no sound on either the computer or the TV. They suggested I contact you since they did not make the audio.

I’ve installed the latest drivers from your (DisplayLink) site (6.0 M1). The video on my Panasonic 47" TV is great. It mirrors a fine quality video. However, There is no sound. The audio setup menu on the laptop shows the existence of my Panazonic-TV-1 saying it’s a NVIDIA High Definition Audio, but not plugged in. As a result I cannot further configure this sound or set it as a default. The sounds works fine from my built-in laptop speakers, but not the TV.

(Note: This laptop’s sound and video used to work fine through a built-in connector. Unfortunately, the HDMI connector was damaged and I can no longer plug an HDMI cable into it, which is the reason I bought your adapter - cheaper than a new motherboard.)

I attached the same laptop and your adapter with a new HDMI cable to another older Philips 42" TV. I can connect with great video at 920p on this set, but again no sound. Here again, the Windows sound menu show the TV properly, but says the HDMI cable is unplugged - same problem.

I also tried your adapter on a small laptop running XP. Here the video was choppy as expected, but again no audio through HDMI.

I am very pleased with the quality of the video from your adapter, but would really like audio through HDMI.

I see in a review on Amazon that another user had the same problem and you responded by sending a new adapter, which solved the problem. I would rather have a faster fix via email. I understand that your customer service is excellent.

Please help - any suggestions?

Support Tool Version:

--------- Computer Info ---------

Computer Name: DON-PC
Logged on as: Don-PC\Don
Computer: Hewlett-Packard - HP Pavilion dv8 Notebook PC CNF9506YWN
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (x64-based PC), Service Pack 1, English
OS Build: 7601 (Debug = False)
System Bios: Version F.15 built 2009-12-28
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
Memory: 4087 MB
Free Space: 159128 MB
Primary Resolution: 1920x1080x32
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M (NVIDIA)
Graphics Driver: Dated 2011-08-24
WEI Base Score is 5.9, CPU 7, RAM 7.4, GPU 6.4, Gaming 6.4, Disk 5.9
Desktop Mode: Aero

Hi Don,

Thanks for posting here! The nVIDIA High Definition Audio that is listed as disconnected is the inbuilt HDMI output port on your system. The audio of Plugable USB2-HDMI-165 appears as a Speaker - USB PnP Sound Device in the list of Sound Playback Devices. You should be seeing it in the list of Audio Playback devices -:


In order for Audio to play through it, it has to be set as the Default Playback Device. To set it as the default device right click on the device and select ‘Set as Default Device’.


Click on the OK button to save the setting.


Once you change the default audio output device to the Plugable USB2-HDMI-165 , all sound should be coming through the TV.

Do post back and let us know if you were able to get the audio playing through the TV.


Thanks, Roze, for getting back to me so quickly. I followed your instructions exactly, seeing the USB PNP sound device as you show. However, I get no sound from the TV or the computer when making that the default.

Before doing that, I uninstalled the DisplayLink software, plugged in the adapter, and let Windows 7 install the software. I still have the same problem. No change.

The video is beautiful. Movies play great and smooth. I wish I had audio.


Hi Again,

I just went to another TV and different HDMI cable and find the both the audio and video are great, following your suggestions. I now believe that the Plugable adapter is fine. I’ll have to isolate the sound problem. It seems to be either the original TV or the HDMI cable. I hope it’s the cable.

Thanks again,


Glad to know that the issue is resolved and you got the audio playing through the TV. :slight_smile:

Please do feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at if you ever need any help or information regarding any of our products. We are here to help!