Graphic Device Fails

I loaded the software which seemed to go okay. However now I can play games, I get a message that say critical error that says “no suitable graphic device found.” How do I fix this?

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re experiencing a problem with games.

To set expectations, running games on the USB display itself is not recommended - with that many pixels updating so frequently, you’re just not going to get the framerate you need over USB and the kind of “virtual” graphics device that this is (CPU heavily involved).

That said, let’s try to get those errors fixed.

First steps, have you already upgraded to the latest DisplayLink drivers at… Let us know if that helps.

Then, we’ll need to figure out what OS you’re on, and what graphics controller is in your system. Can you post that info. Or if it’s easier, you can give us a deeper log of your system info by running the log gathering tool described at… and emailing that info to us.

Thanks again for posting - we’ll get this figured out!


I updated the driver and that seems to have solved the problem. I had to do a reconnect to the external display. Just for the record my OS is Win 7. Thank you so much for the quick response. It was very refreshing based on my experience with other support groups. Ralph

Very glad to have you up and running. Thanks for your purchase!