Google Chrome not working after installing Plugable USB 3.0 UGA. IE and Firefox work fine.

Just installed your Plugable USB 3.0 UGA multi-display adapter. The display worked just fine, but I quickly found out that I lost internet connection with chrome. IE and Firefox work just fine.

Hi Ts - Thanks for posting!

DisplayLink fixed some issues in the most recent DisplayLink drivers (version 7.1 M1) that may be related (they were specific to Chrome and Flash content).

Could you upgrade to this driver and let us know if that helps? It’s available for download and install here:…

Thanks again, and thanks for letting us know!

version 7.1 M1 is what I had initially installed. I was sent an email to the download link when I purchased as it was recommended to get the latest version that way. So it may be that the 7.1 M1 version has not fixed the problem or it has created a new problem.

Hi Ts - can you describe a bit more about how Chome is failing (where IE and Firefox are not)?

Is it displaying any error messages, or does it just come up to a blank window? And does it seem to be busy?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

Chrome is just spinning, no error message. After the initial install I went to check out the newly added screen, but when I opened up chrome I noticed it no longer worked.

I uninstalled DisplayLink Core Software and Graphics. Google Chrome then opened and worked correctly. I reinstalled the software via the supplied CD, version. 6.1 I believe. Google Chrome still worked correctly. So I will try to prevent any updates to your new version as it seems very likely that it is causeing a conflict with Google Chrome. My 3rd screen and google chrome are now both working.

Hi Ts - Thanks for finding that workaround and self-solving!

We contacted DisplayLink, and they believe they’ve been able to recreate the same thing on Chrome with Intel HD Graphics (is that the main GPU on your system)?

If so, they’ve got a fix in process for the next release (7.2) coming in 4-8 weeks.

Until then, it’s best to stay on the driver versions 6.x or 5.x for Intel HD graphics.

Please let us know if you have any questions or we can help in any way. Again, thanks for going back to CD version of driver to self solve. Thanks!