Gigabit Ethernet + Macbook Air = Network Storm.

Network storm starts with Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and Macbook Air 2011.

I just purchased and received the USB 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter for my Macbook Air. It works only if I restart my system and have the ethernet plugged in before hand. Otherwise, if I remove the adapter, or disconnect the cable, it ceases to work until my next reboot.

Also, after I’ve been using it for a random period of time, it just slams my network, making all my other computers/devices basically lose connectivity. The activity light on the device just rapidly flashes.

I used the installation, checked it in the system information area, Says I’m using v 3.8.0

Running OS X 10.7.5

Hi Stephen-

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with the USB2-E1000. Please verify if this is the product you have:

Based on the few cases we’ve seen of this before it’s possible that this can be related to driver install or conflicting application, it’s most often a physically defective unit.

If you’ll please contact with your Amazon order ID, serial number, and shipping address we’ll be happy to send out a pre-tested replacement.

In the meantime, if you’d like to trobleshoot, please open a terminal window and let me know what the following command returns (the device needs to be plugged into your mac, but doesn’t need to be on the network when you run the command below.

Thanks again for posting, best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

Hi Jeff -

Yes, that is the product.

What is the command I should run? As I don’t see the command.

I’ll email over right now, the order id, etc.


Sorry, Stephen, obviously I forgot to post the command:

kextstat | grep Ethernet

Please post the output back here or reply in email.

It should be similar to this:
38 1 0xffffff7f80f0f000 0x7000 0x7000 (1.0.2b1)
39 0 0xffffff7f80f16000 0x35000 0x35000 (3.2.5b3)
62 0 0xffffff7f80f03000 0x9000 0x9000 (3.8.0)
93 0 0xffffff7f80bf0000 0x7000 0x7000 (1.0.0d1)


Best wishes-


This is all I have.

99 0 0xffffff7f809cb000 0x6000 0x6000 (1.0.0d1)
135 0 0xffffff7f807b2000 0x9000 0x9000 (3.8.0)

Hi Stephen-

Thanks for confirming: this shows that the correct drivers are loaded (the other entries from my sample were not relevant), so this appears to be a defective unit.

We’ll go ahead and get a pre-tested replacement on the way, you’ll receive tracking and return shipment info shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience and best wishes.



I received the replacement, removed the drivers from my system using the uninstall package, reinstalled them, seemed to be working ok, until about an hour later, the same thing. Packet storm on my network. It’s like the ethernet adapter keeps spamming my network with the same packet sequence.

I will have to return this to Amazon, as I couldn’t wait any longer to get it fixed. I ended up purchasing a Belkin at Best Buy instead, which worked straight away out of the box and haven’t had any issues for the last day and a half.

Thank you for trying to help.


Hi Stephen-

Thanks for reporting the results, I’m sorry to hear there error recurred.

If you have a moment to verify the model number of your router and any switches used between the router and USB ethernet adapter that would be useful- I’m curious to see if the issue seems to be specific to your network or devices.

Best wishes-