Getting poor speeds on Windows 10 of just 320mbps or 40MBps


Got Samsung 970 evo plus 500 GB and the new plugable nvme ssd enclosure.

On macbook pro 2018, i get speeds upto 8gbps or 1GBps.

but on windows 10, with usb 3.1 ports, just getting meager 320mbps or 40MBps. USB 3.1 spec supports 5gbps. The disk is formatted as exfat.

why is this happening ??? i have other pendrives, much faster than this.

any ideas ? supports ? is my enclosure faulty ?



Thanks for reaching out to us, I am sorry this is not working as expected, and I am sorry for the delayed reply.

Based on your description it sounds like the USB-A to USB-C cable being used to connect to the desktop computer is sometimes connecting at USB 2.0 speeds ( 40-45MB/s normally ). This happens if the USB-A connection is not fully inserted into the computer, or if it is inserted slowly, then the USB 2.0 pins make contact first and set the connection speed.

We can verify this is the cause of the issues by disconnecting the USBC-NVME from the USB-C to USB-A cable then connecting the USB-A cable to the computer, next connect the USBC-NVME enclosure to the USB-C end of the cable. If the USB-A end is fully seated the connection should be connected at USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds, closer to 400-500MB/s depending on the USB 3.1 Gen 1 controller.

Please let me know if this helps, if not we can go from here.

Thank you,

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this is crazy. i have tried multiple times now, pushing it in fully, changing cables, pushing in fast as u suggested. NO Change. still getting meager 40 MBps.

to test, i bought “Sabrent USB 3.1 Aluminum Enclosure for M.2 NVMe SSD” from amazon and that worked perfectly out of the box without any shenanigans and i got 440 MBps similar to what others were getting.

Also note, that other significant issue is extremely high temperatures. With plugable, it was easily getting to 60-70 Celsius whether on windows or macbook.
With the sabrent one, even after repeated stress tests, it just got warm, but never piping hot like the plugable one.

At this time, i am sure that plugable unit if either faulty or just poorly constructed. i am retuning my purchase to amazon. terribly disappointed with this experience with plugable. u guys seemed to have dropped the ball.



Thank you for double checking the cable, it is possible this is a defective USB-A to USB-C cable causing the connection issue.

Unfortunately there may not be anything I can do about the heat being generated as this is not caused by the enclosure but by the NVMe media installed in the enclosure. The Sabrent enclosure uses a larger aluminum shell to act as a heat sink, this also provides more surface area for heat dissipation, however the internal SSD will still be producing the same heat output and it may eventually get this hot as well, albeit over a longer time. I would be happy to send a pretested replacement USBC-NVME enclosure and cables to see if this resolves both issues, or if you would rather I can help to facilitate a return of the NVMe enclosure.

To protect your personal information, please send an email to ‘’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #266462 - Attention Pat’. In the body of the email, please let me know if you would like to try a replacement NVMe enclosure or if you would like to return the enclosure for a full refund. Please include your Amazon Order ID ( available from ) for original the purchase of the adapter and your preferred shipping address if you would like me to send a replacement.

Thank you,

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i have tested with 2 additional cables and plugable delivered slow speeds with all 3 cables. i have already submitted amazon return request. i just hope plugable overheating would have not caused damage to my samsung evo 960 nvme.



Thank you for letting me know you have already started the return.

The Samsung NVMe SSD has built-in protection from overheating, when this kicks in it should start by decreasing power, slowing down the read/write rate, then shutting off the SSD completely if the temperature continues to increase.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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