Getting No Driver found when trying to install a USB2.0 10-Port Hub.

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbhub.sys is present.
C:\Windows\inf\usbhub.inf is not but C:\Windows\inf\usbhub\0000\usbperf.inf is present. (also …\0409\usbperf.inf.)

Did a lot of searching on internet an forums and nothing really addressed my issue.
System is totally up to date.
found something regarding update KB2529073, but it has already been applied to my system.

Any suggestions?


Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting here! Everytime we have had a report of this issue, usb.inf was missing from \windows\inf\ directory.

Could you check and let us know if usb.inf is in fact present on the system or not?

We will take it from there.


Worked like a champ. Thanks much.


Fantastic! Glad to know that the hub is working fine now.

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