Gaming freezes my Plugable USB display

I have a high-end (2 years ago) gaming notebook with an i7 and 6900M video card that does not output above 1080P. I am using UGA-4KDP to output to a 2560x1440 3rd display and I love it. The problem is whenever I game on the other monitor (driven by the 6900M) the USB display freezes and I have to reboot to recover. This happens whether I unplug the adapter before or turn it off with s/w. Is there any way to recover the display after gaming?

Hi Sean,

Thanks for posting! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the UGA-4KDP.

Regarding the behavior you’re experiencing, sometimes games that utilize DirectX or OpenGL functionality can cause issues with the DisplayLink drivers. (The potential for this type of behavior is why we have the “not recommended for gaming” disclaimers on our DisplayLink adapter listings.)

DisplayLink has a tool that can be run to disable their drivers when you wish to fire up a game, and run again to re-enable the drivers to restore functionality of the adapter. It can be downloaded here:…

Please note that a reboot is required to disable and re-enable the drivers with the above tool. This is necessary since the graphics subsystem of Windows needs to be reinitialized upon enabling/disabling the device, and the only way to accomplish this is with a full reboot.