Fuzzy Display


I have the pluggable usb 3.0 dock, using it with a lenovo think pad yoga. The external display is fuzzy and just looks like crap. I cleaned the display link drivers, and installed the latest from displaylink.com. Same issue. Display is fuzzy


Hi Andrew,

Usually the type of fuzzy/blurry display behavior you’re describing is related to the “DPI scaling” feature of Windows 8.1 attempting to appropriately adjust programs/fonts to what it thinks is the appropriate size based on the size and resolutions of your monitors.

It’s worth noting that this behavior can occur on Windows 8.1 systems with multiple monitors regardless of whether or not those monitors are attached directly to the system or to USB graphics adapters/docking stations.

I use a Yoga 2 for one of my workstations, and I’ve encountered behavior similar to what you describe. It seems like when mixing a very high-resolution display such as that in the Yoga with a larger-but-lower-resolution external monitor, Windows can make poor scaling choices that result in sub-optimal image quality, and blurry text.

Changing the “DPI Scaling” settings in Windows seems to be the best approach to finding a happy medium. (Ideally Windows would let you set different scaling values for each display in use, but unfortunately it does not - if you manually set the scaling, it will apply across all monitors, so experimenting with different scaling settings is recommended. Please note that when changing this settings, you will need to reboot to see the changes apply properly.)

Microsoft has a knowledge base article that how to change the DPI scaling settings, as well as other troubleshooting steps to take for fuzzy/blurry display output on Windows 8.1:



Both monitors are the same resolution. The yoga a 12" 1080p and the external a 21" 1080p. I will play with the dpi settings and see what I can get. It is extremely frusrating to say the least


Hi Andrew,

Totally agree that it’s extremely frustrating. At this point I feel like it’s one of the biggest remaining issues with Windows 8. (And for what it’s worth, so far the behavior hasn’t been fixed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview either.)