Fullscreen Draw Fail (Powerpoint/Youtube)

Dear Representative:

It seems to me that my desktop machine that shares my Plugable unit (USB 2.0 Docking Station) with my laptop is having issues creating fullscreen images when either ‘Playing Slideshow’ in Powerpoint, or displaying fullscreen video in Youtube.

In either case, the screen goes blank, and only those places I trace/paint with my cursor are revealed from behind this curtain. That said, changes are not reflected - if the video image moves, I must repaint the entire screen.

What’s going on here? Is there a driver(s) I can update easily? I’m running Windows XP on this machine.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be able to help. The first thing to do is get the latest driver installed. Here’s the link:


Once you have the 6.2M2 package installed try PowerPoint and YouTube again. If you are still having the issues with full screen draw failing, the next step is to disable hardware acceleration in each of the programs.

Here’s a link with instructions on how to do it in PowerPoint:


For YouTube it depends on which browser you are running, let me know which one and I’ll find some more specific instructions for your specific case.

Let me know if this helps.