Frustration with Plugable UD-3900 and Sony Vaio - Frozen - Frozen - Frozen

Trying to use UD-3900 with Sony Vaio SVD13215PBX and a ViewSonic VX2450wm-LED monitor. On startup, the current screen shows up on monitor but is frozen. Laptop screen is normal and laptop still functions normally. Have tried both VGA and DVI cabling, have removed logitech wireless mouse/keyboard transmitters, have uninstalled and reinstalled Displaylink software multiple times. All I can get is a frozen image on the monitor… If I remove the USB cable, the monitor loses the signal (obviously). On replugging it in, I get the current screen displayed (updated) but still frozen — any suggestions before I send this back? An older Toshiba dynadock U used to work…

Windows 10 Pro Insider, Ver 1703, OS Build 16215.1000

I have the same problem on Build 16215 on my HP Spectre x360. Looking forward to a new build from Microsoft in hopes it will be fixed.

Hi Everyone,

We were actually able to reach out to Jon via email, and work through the individual troubleshooting items he has already accomplished. He determined that the issue was related to the current release of the drivers by DisplayLink and the Insider preview version of the Windows operating system. He was able to revert back to a stable release, and turn off insider preview and the issue has dissipated.

Most likely a newly updated driver will be compatible with this build version wants it is established as a stable release. If you have any questions, or similar issues, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support

Just a quick note to say that Marc was very responsive when I emailed him and he suggested that the problem was probably a software issue but that if we couldn’t solve it quickly, he wanted to get a new UD-3900 out to me as soon as possible. Since I run the Windows Insider program on the fast setting, getting previews before they have been widely tested, I thought I would roll back to an earlier version and see if that worked. I rolled back to Verrsion 1703, OS Build 16199.1000 and haven’t had any problems since. So, at least for the Vaio SVD13215PXB, those drivers and core work. Thanks again, Marc!