Folding Keyboard beats mice

Hello, I have the pluggable full-size bluetooth folding keyboard. It turns out this keyboard impairs the functioning of some bluetooth mice which are attached to my PC at the same time. I have a Logitech mouse that when attached on its own, works perfectly. If I then connect this keyboard in bluetooth mode the mouse stops working (it will move the pointer sporadically, but renders it unusable.) I have similar symptoms with a different Dell bluetooth mouse. Also, attaching the Logitech mouse to another computer works perfectly too, so these mice have no issues, until this keyboard is connected to the same PC via bluetooth.
Can you suggest a way that I can connect this keyboard to my PC, via bluetooth, without impairing my bluetooth mouse?


Thank you for contacting us about your Bluetooth keyboard. I’m sorry about the problems with it.

The Bluetooth signal from the keyboard isn’t very strong, but it does share the same frequencies with other Bluetooth devices and wireless keyboards and mice.

I would like to investigate what is going on. Could you please answer a few questions about your setup?

  1. What are the models of your Logitech mouse and your Dell mouse?

  2. What is the make and model of your computer?

  3. If you are using an external Bluetooth adapter, could you please tell me what make and model it is?

Thank you,
Plugable Support

Hi David,
Thank you for the swift reply. A conflict of frequency could make a lot of sense with the mouse issue, because the mouse stops working for 5 to 10 seconds, then resumes operation, then stops working, then resumes, and so on and so forth indefinitely. And within the Windows bluetooth settings I can see in real-time as Windows thinks it is connected with the mouse, then loses connection, then connects again, etc.
The current mouse I’m using is a Logitec M535.
The Dell, I can’t tell you about because I thought it was the mouse that was faulty, so I gave it away to a friend who likes to tinker with repairs. Sadly now I know the mouse was fine! It was an old model, that came as a set with a keyboard as well. I bought the Dell probably 4 years ago I would think.
My computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro (the model that came after the Surface Pro 4, which for some reason they did not give a number to.) So fairly new machine; bought it last year or early this year.
I have a Microsoft Surface Arc mouse that I use when I travel. I can use that mouse and the Plugable keyboard without conflict, which is interesting. But I need to be able to use a more regular size mouse when I’m at home, so I bought the Logitech thinking that the Dell was broken.
I also have a little bluetooth keyboard that I use with my phone. It is by some company called Tsing. If I pair that keyboard with my Surface, and also the Logitech mouse, then there is no problems. But if I try to use the Logitech mouse at the same time as the Plugable, the Logitech becomes unusable. Also, if I try to use the Logitech on another laptop, it has no issues, works perfect. So in summary, two healthy mice work with my Surface, until the Plugable keyboard is paired, and then the mice become dysfunctional. Finally, worth noting that the mouse doesn’t have any issues if I connect the Plugable keyboard via USB rather than bluetooth, but this is not a permanent solution for me, as I bought it for the bluetooth functionality.
Lastly, nope, not using a bluetooth dongle, just the built-in bluetooth of the Microsoft Surface.
Hope that helps to give you a better picture.

Thank you for your detailed answers to my questions.

This is literally the first time I’ve seen this issue after supporting the keyboard for nearly three years, so I suspect that it could be something unique to your situation.

Of course it could be a problem with the keyboard. Otherwise it could be something environmental. For example, Bluetooth is supposed to switch channels automatically if it finds one already in use, but this feature may not work if there is already a lot of 2.4 GHz traffic already using channels, for example multiple nearby strong wifi signals or a wireless security camera, baby monitor, cordless phone, etc. with a strong signal.

About the only thing I can think to do is to try a replacement Plugable keyboard and see if it has the same issue. Could you please contact us directly at and give me your Amazon order number for the keyboard and your preferred shipping address? Please mention ticket number 255806 in the subject line.


Plugable Support

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