Foldable Bluetooth keyboard not working

Connected, charged bt-Key3XL keyboard stopped working with iPhone after three years of flawless service. It’s connected, it’s charged, it just doesn’t make letters appear on iPhone when typed in.

Hello Duffy,

Thank you for contacting Plugable and welcome to our forums! I do have some common troubleshooting suggestions for Bluetooth input issues for our Folding Keyboard.

While it may sound relatively simple I would suggest that within your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings to and remove the Bluetooth pairing for the ‘BT-KEY3XL**’.** Once removed try re-pairing the ‘BT-KEY3XL’ back to the iPhone to see if its working normally. It may also be worth testing the Bluetooth keyboard with a different device like a computer to see if these are are isolated to the iPhone.

If these issues with no keyboard inputs are being detected please contact us through our support system using this link Please reference ticket #383421.


Product Owner
Plugable Support

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