Flip up slots have overly tight fit

Just purchased your USB 2.0 10 Port Hub. Most of the connectors are very tight fit, and the 2 flip-up connectors are such a tight fit as to be a major problem. One has to work getting USB travel drive into and out of the slot with 2 hands with some effort. Same story with tried with other travel drives. Flip up slots should be for extra convenience, but the overly tight fit negates that. Is this normal for your 10 port hub, or did I get a bad unit?

Thanks for posting!

Ports obviously shouldn’t be so tight that there’s trouble inserting devices.

That said, in terms of connection (both initial and if a device or cable gets bumped), it’s good to err on the side of a tight fit. Also, with use all ports will loosen up a little over time, so that should be accounted for.

Two hands and still requiring effort isn’t what we’d expect, especially after the ports have been in use for a few dozen insertions/removals. It may be manufacturing variation, but that would be very small (measured in micrometers). Also, if it’s just the USB flash drives, they also may err on the tight side, as you don’t want those wiggling around.

Can you let us know after a bit of time, if the ports don’t wear in well? We’ll want to get a look at the unit to see if it’s within tolerances.

Thanks again and thanks for your patience,