Flickering with 3 additional monitors

I have a laptop with 3 additional monitors.
2 connected by usb-vga-165
1 connected by laptops second monitor port
My system specs/ Asus g74s laptop/i7 2670qm 2.2ghz/16gb ram
Display resolution 1280x1024 on 3 monitors
Laptop resolution is 1920x1080
I swapped the usb adapters and the flickering moves to the different monitor.
I installed the latest driver.
All other monitors work normally.
The flicker occurs only when moving the mouse cursor over the affected monitor.
Does this mean that one of my adapters has a problem?
They are both new purchases, 1 week or so
problem has been present since first install
Any suggestions on things to try?

Hi Stan,

Thanks for posting. This is quite unusual behavior - curious to help get to the bottom of it.

We’ll want to start be looking at some system logs which will contain driver version information as well as any logged errors. At your convenience, please head to the page below and download our log-gathering tool:

It will save a .ZIP file to your desktop which can then be emailed over for us to have a look. Please email the file to support@plugable.com and put “Ticket 108292” in the subject line.

Once we analyze the log files we’ll determine how to best proceed.


I emailed the file.