Flickering at bottom of screen when not main display

Hi guys. This is kind of a technical post but i just want to know what’s causing this.

I have 2 external monitors connected to my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop. An Asus XG258Q which is connected through hdmi. And a BenQ PD2700Q which is connected to the plugable device.

I have a slight problem though. When the monitor is plugged in the adaptor, there is alot of flickering at the bottom of the screen when i move a window. The top part of the screen is fine. Now, when i go to display settings and make this monitor my main display, the flickering is gone. Why is this? Also, video quality is alot better on youtube for example when it is my main display. But if i don’t have it as my main display, youtube videos are really choppy.

What is causing this? Is it the adaptor itself? My guess is it is. But i’m no expert. But if i plug my Asus monitor into the adaptor, there isn’t any flickering, even when it isn’t my main display. Which then makes me think it is the monitor itself.

Hmm i dunno. I’m no expert on monitors or these usb hubs and things but i just want to know what’s causing this flickering when not main display and choppy videos on the BenQ monitor. Maybe it is the adaptor?

Oh and i have updated the drivers on all devices (both monitors and adaptor).

Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reaching out!

This is actually incredibly strange. It doesn’t make any logical sense that the behavior would go away by just changing the layout of your display space in Windows settings. Even more interesting is that switching monitors fixes the issue, so this does lead me to believe that the adapter is likely fine.

I’d like to grab logs from your machine and see if I can understand what’s going wrong. Can you contact us through support@plugable.com and mention ticket #279489 for further instructions?


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