Flashing Black

I have an ATI Radon HD 5700 series graphics card running on Windows 7 64 bit. I’ve plugged the plugable into an HP 19" monitor. I chose extend desktop to this display. Every 10 seconds or so for about a 10th of a second, I’ll see a flash of the background on the HP monitor, then it flashes back to black. I updated the plugable and the ATI drivers. Do you have a guess as to where else I should look?

Hi Terry,

Thanks for posting here! I’m sorry to know about the issue you are having. Could you run the DisplayLink Support tool (instructions here: http://plugable.com/support/displayli… ) and email the resulting .zip to support@plugable.com as an attachment along with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread?

This would give us a better insight as to what is going on. Once we analyze the .zip, we can figure out the next steps.