Flash Drive compatability w/Plugable 10 Meter Active Extension Cable Type A Male to A Female

The description does not mention flash drives. The “precise timing requirements”:
is timing typically/or NOT an issue with standard flash drives?


Thanks for posting about our 10 meter cable (http://plugable.com/products/usb2-10m/)).

Flash drives use USB’s “bulk” transfer mechnism, which is very timing tolerant, so it won’t run afoul of the longer cable. And USB flash drives don’t typically use the full 500mA provided by USB 2.0, leaving enough for the active repeater in the cable to power itself also.

So we would expect no problems in theory - and that’s matched by our specific experience, which is we have yet to run into any model of flash drive that doesn’t work.

If you do go ahead and buy, it’d be great to get your report back here, on how things went.

Thanks again!