Finally get a usb adapter not enough power on Iphone

I downloaded the app from web your site. Took a drive about town to come up with a Iphone lightning adapter to a USB Port. Come home plug it in and Iphone says microscope takes too much power to operate. I was carful when purchasing to make sure I would be able to use with mac os and iphone. Any suggestions as to what a fix may be?
I also tried this device on my wives I Pad with the same result.
Pluged into desktop and works fine , but still not sure how to zoom to 200x

Thanks for reaching out!

From the description of your issue, I suspect you may not have purchased a Plugable device. We have not sold the 200x model since around 2015.

So that I can be sure, can you attach a picture of the product you purchased to this thread?

Thanks for sending over that information! It looks like you have the USB2-MICRO-250x, so I’ve re-categorized this thread appropriately.

We specifically state that our microscope does not work on iOS in all of the marketing material for this product. This is pretty unfortunate, we’d love to make it work, but iOS devices simply do not support external cameras and Apple has no desire to include support.

Here’s an excerpt from the product page that outlines how to achieve the highest magnification with this device.

Q: I can’t get my microscope to magnify above a very low magnification, how do I get to 250x?
A: At the closest distance with the clear shield touching the object, there are two possible magnifications. The first is at around 50x, but if you continue to rotate the focus wheel, the image will get blurry, then sharp again at a much higher magnification.

Thank you for your response, I guess it is a consumer fault. when I read a couple of lines in the description about it being compatible with OS X systems, I did not understand that meant only some Mac devices.

The companion USB microscope software available on our website for Windows and OS X allows you to control aspects of the camera functionality directly from your computer. Capture resolution and exposure can be changed with a few clicks, and video or time-lapse modes allow for continuous observation of a subject.

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