file transfer

Easy Transfer Cable.Does both PC,s need to be up and running? also do I need to download the disk on both XP computers?

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Yes, both computers need to be up and running.

Are you transferring between two Windows XP machines? Microsoft’s software alone supports only migrating from older to newer Windows. But with the Bravura software license included with our adapter, that will also support drag and drop transfers from XP to XP machine. Here’s how to install it (on both machines):…

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any trouble at all.


We would want to use the cable as a generic communication link between two embedded Windows PC’s in an industrial measurement instrument, not just to transfer some files under user control.
Is there some programmer’s API (either from Bravura, Microsoft or from the Prolific chip manufacturer) that would allow more low level use (send/receive packet data) of this cable under program control, not user control?

Do both computers have to be hooked up to the internet? My old computer has access to the internet via a router, my new computer gets access to the internet via wifi. Will this work?

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