Fedora 22 Multiseat autologin


I have a 2 seat system using the console and the 160-m system. It is working GREAT!

The problem I have is that when both seats login with the same username, then firefox complains. I have setup 2 logins with similar desktops and have instructed the kids to use them, but at times they forget and both login as the same user. This also causes problems with the audio output getting mixed up and some times requires a re-boot to solve.

I would like to have both seats auto-login each with different users. Is this possible? Any pointers on how to do it?

Charlie Wyble


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

We haven’t tried setting up a system like you describe, but I was able to find someone who was able to setup something like you describe with Fedora 17 and xdotool here --> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gdm-l…

Let us know if that information helps if you have time as it might help others as well.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Thanks, but…

I’ve tried this. It appears to work, but it loggs each seat in as the same user. I spent several hours on it before I gave up and posted here.

Any more pointers?



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for getting back. You hadn’t mentioned what you had already tried so I apologize if the link was redundant. The author of the original solution in that thread replied to the list later on that he had made a typo in his original post and amended it later on here --> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gdm-l…

Any chance that helps in this case?



I’ll give it a try.



Finally got around to trying this and it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about gdm etc to troubleshoot why not.

Perhaps it is the vast difference between F17 and F23?

Any other thoughts?



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for getting back with the results. I concur with your assessment that something has probably changed between the releases, and unfortunately we don’t have any additional suggestions to offer. I would recommend posting to the gdm-list where the original solution was posted to see if the community can offer additional assistance.

One thing to be aware of is that while we have discontinued our USB Multi-Seat products, one solution in a similar vein for classrooms like you describe is this project --> http://pinet.org.uk/ which makes use of a Raspberry Pi for each station and a Ubuntu system as the server. The lower cost of the Raspberry Pi may allow you to add more systems for the kids to use and since the units will be connected via Ethernet may offer more flexibility.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help,



Hi Bob,
I am having a hard time keeping my Fedora 17 multiseat setup going with 20 Plugable USBs, and tried a Raspberry Pi. The Fedora/Plugable solution is about 10 times faster than the Pi! My 17 just isn’t usable for me because the pacakage manager links are all dead. So sorry this isn’t supported anymore!


Hi Blallik,

Thanks for letting us know your results with the Raspberry Pi solution using PiNet -> http://pinet.org.uk/ That’s a good data point for future reference.

We are sorry as well that multi-seat clients didn’t seem to get the traction we would like, as they were actually the first products we offered.

Thank you,