Fedora 19 UGA-2k-A usb2 performance


Just reporting that gnome-shell in latest Fedora 19 and the plugable UGA-2K-A usb2 works extremely well!

I have two 24" dell lcd’s and one 23", two directly connected to laptop docking station (thinkpad x230) and one of the 24" connected to the plugable.

As a test, I ran Team Fortress 2 (via native steam) full screen on one, a youtube vid on the other and an hd video in vlc on the third screen. Unbelievable! It just works!

Massive improvement over Fedora 18, really great!

Performance in gnome-shell is still not quite as good as 2d “fallback” mode is, but it’s now very usable!

Hi Alan,

That’s great news! Thanks so much for posting your experiences – it’s a great help to others!

Frankly, the situation for graphics (and especially USB graphics) on Linux has been frustrating the last 2-3 years, with so many components in flux, what works has been very distro and version dependent – things work for a short period of time, then break again, etc.

So it’s really exciting to see things stabilizing (and hopefully staying stable) in Fedora 19 – a lot of work has gone in there, especially from David Airlie.

Again, thanks! And if you have any configuration tips, please feel free to post them here – it’ll be a huge help to others! We’re also planning a blog post soon on Fedora 19, laying out everything we know and have seen.