Fedora 18 and DisplayLink

Fedora 18 detects my ‘older’ DisplayLink device out of the box and the monitor works again :slight_smile:

Hi Disi - That’s great news, thanks for letting us know!

Once the Fedora 18 Beta is released, we hope to take a bunch of screen shots and video and show what’s new. Most of the changes are coming from David Airlie’s new DRM driver work for USB attached displays.

Thanks again!

There you go :slight_smile:

Just to let you know that my display link is not working in fedora18 beta . Model is ws-ug17v2. Not certain of the chipset - thought it was a dl145 but not sure.

Below is dmesg with EDID which is all zeros removed

[27459.671068] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 6 using ehci_hcd
[27459.789238] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=17e9, idProduct=0198
[27459.789246] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[27459.789252] usb 1-1: Product: WS Tech USB-DVI
[27459.789256] usb 1-1: Manufacturer: DisplayLink
[27459.789261] usb 1-1: SerialNumber: 511409
[27459.796499] [drm] vendor descriptor length:23 data:23 5f 01 0021 00 04 04 07 00 01
[27459.845087] usb 1-1: DVI-I-2: EDID invalid.
[27459.848643] fb2: udldrmfb frame buffer device
[27459.848661] [drm] Initialized udl 0.0.1 20120220 on minor 2
[27460.386508] usb 1-1: DVI-I-2: EDID invalid.
[27460.435213] Raw EDID:
[27460.435258] usb 1-1: DVI-I-2: EDID invalid.
[27460.570920] [drm] write mode info 153

Hi Don, that’s not a Plugable product so we can’t help in detail, but it looks like there’s a problem reading the monitor’s EDID, which would explain it not working.

Without a valid EDID, the driver can’t know what mode to set.

The most common cause of an EDID problem is running a long VGA cable. If you have the option to switch to DVI or HDMI with that adapter and monitor, that often solves it. Hope that helps. Thanks!

works fine with fedora 17 and same cable length.