fedora 17 change resolution and rotation

Hello, i’m trying to change resolution of the screen attached to the plugable dc-125 but i can’t change it.

It only allow me to set 1280x1024 5:4, i want to set it to 1440×900 and change the rotation.

Thank you.

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’ll try to help. On Fedora 17, the optimal resolution for your monitor is automatically detected and set. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t yet a facility for changing the resolution or rotation. Fedora 18 has made great strides for multi monitor settings so you may be able to get the setup you want with it.

Sorry I don’t have better news.


Ok, I will try F18, but as you say, F17 should have set optimal resolution for my monitor but just in the main monitor, the monitor connected to the plugable dc-125, just detect as “unknown”, i’ve try three monitors, 22" widescreen, 19" 4:3, 19" 16:9, but it just set to 1080x1024 5:4 and monitor “unknown”.


Hello, resolution is now fine. but i need to set rotation and it doesn’t allow. I’ve also try trial userful linux but i can’t change. please I need this.


Hi Alejandro - Sorry, there’s no practical way to adjust the rotation on F17, because the multiseat support encoded into systemd has a fixed xorg.conf.

If it somehow did allow modifying the xorg.conf you would do it this way:

But it doesn’t, so I’m sorry, there is no way to run monitors rotated on F17 multiseat.

You’ll have to live without that. Thanks for posting though!

hello, what about useful linux multiseat (edubuntu)

Hi Alejandro - I don’t think Userful supports rotated monitors, either.