Fedora 17 beta live cd, DC125 and Green Screen

Got a dc125 from amazon.co.uk yesterday (on the 3rd of May 2012). Tried that on my existing Fedora 16 which got (?) the updates that will go to Fedora 17 and only got a GREEN SCREEN but no second login window. Tried Fedora 17 Beta live cd with the same results. (I logged out the liveuser and was prompted with a login window).

Any ideas how should I go about to get that second login?

DMESG indicates that all devices are present and configured, it sees the VGA, the USB HUB and the second ALSA. I presume that GREEN SCREEN indicates a working x screen buffer being present and working. Both keyboards have access to same (main) login window.

Please advise, cheers!

Thanks for posting! Yes, unfortunately, there are two problems:

  1. On the F17 Beta, SELinux will prevent the USB multiseat stuff from working. This is a Fedora bug which will be fixed in the final release. Until then, it’s necessary to disable SELinux. That’s easy to do on a full install, harder with a Live CD. Here’s how:

  2. A more difficult issue - The DC-125 is getting a necessary hardware update for the KickStarter, and unfortunately the DC-125 units currently in Amazon.co.uk don’t have the update yet! The units selling now in the USA do have the update (as of a few weeks ago). Without this update, they won’t be recognized by Fedora.

We know you’ve been doing a lot with multiseat, and would like to get you a solution so you can see it running. So if you work on #1, we’ll find a way to get you set up with #2. Just email support@plugable.com, link to this thread, and we’ll figure out a way.

Thanks for pushing to be on the bleeding edge of this - we need early adopters!

Best wishes,

Cheers Bernie!
dropped a line or two in their mailbox already!

I’ve also got an Amazon UK bought DC-125 with similar green screen results on Fedora 17 beta. It was principally bought as a laptop dock for which it has been perfect but it would be great if multi seat could be made to work on this hardware too.

For everyone interested~

The newer DC-125s will work with Fedora 17, the older ones will not. They are currently available on Amazon.com or contact us directly.


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