FAQ says use 4k port for gaming...do I need to disconnect my 2nd monitor?

Hi folks

I’ve just bought myself the triple display USB-C port, which I’m using successfully with a few different systems (chromebook c302C, matebook x pro, Surface Pro 4, Lenovo thinkpad x250).

My question is specific: in the FAQ it states that gaming should be done over the 4k alt-mode HDMI. If i want to try gaming with my matebook should I be disconnecting the second monitor i have attached to the DVI from the hub? Or would it be enough just to have nothing “going on” in that monitor besides the background? (apologies if this is a ridiculous question - i’m fairly tech savvy in some respects, but not the intricacies of display technology!).

Thanks for your answers


Hi Chris,

Thanks for asking!

In our experience if the monitor that the 4K port is connected to is set as your main display then the game should automatically launch on that monitor as well. When configured this way the secondary/third displays shouldn’t need to be disabled, however, depending on the game we have seen on occasion where disabling DisplayLink attached displays or even where removing the driver was needed. That being said, these are pretty uncommon scenarios.

If you run into any issues just let me know. Always happy to assist!

Best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

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