Failed network communication with power panel software

Hi - I have this adapter installed on a laptop - both wifi and ethernet hardware were broken so this got me back on the network. In general, it’s given me acceptable performance both on internet and LAN.
However, I set up a UPS with cyberpower power panel business software. I have this set up on several computers on my LAN, managed by a central version of the software.
The management agent has no problem communicating with the other local installations of the UPS software, but for this computer, it is detected but says network communication failed.
I’ve opened the same ports on all the computers, configured firewall same on all computers. The only difference I can think of is that this computer has this ethernet adapter whereas the others are connected via a standard ethernet NIC.

I’ve updated to the latest ASIX driver, but that didn’t make a difference.
Are there any configuration settings for the driver that might be relevant? I can’t be sure the adapter is the issue, but it’s the only difference I can think of for this particular computer. (BTW, it’s a laptop, so I can’t just get a new NIC or I would.)


Thanks for reaching out to us! I do apologize for any trouble, and I am here to help! May I ask, do you have any network activity? We haven’t tested this exact situation, so I am unsure of what the outcome would be. If you have have other network activity, there may be a software issue at play.

We could take a look at a diagnostic of the machine with the adapter plugged in. But, you’ll want to send it to us directly through email rather than posting on the forum. Once the adapter is plugged in, please download and run our handy diagnostic tool at the following link:

A zipped folder with the results will be placed on your desktop after running the tool. If you would, please respond to this email and attach the folder for me to review!

Thank you,

Product Owner

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