Failed attempt to use 10 Port USB Hub with Wii

I just purchased your 10 Port USB hub for the purpose of connecting it to my Wii, and thus using multiple Wii accessories (the Amazon page for the hub claims it’s compatible with Wii…). However, when I plug the Wii into the USB hub, none of the other devices connected to the hub are recognized by the Wii.

I’ve tried plugging the Wii into the hub via a separate USB to USB connecter, as well as plugging it into the computer end of the provided USB cable (which connects via miniUSB to the hub itself). Neither one worked.

Tutorials on the internet instruct me to connect the Wii itself to the hub’s upstream port, and to connect accessories to the downstream ports. However, the hub itself comes with no instruction manual, and the ports aren’t labeled. Which one is which?

Hi Simran,

Thanks for posting here! I am sorry to know that you are having trouble connecting the Plugable 10 Port Hub to your Wii. I apologize for the frustration caused.

The hub has one mini B port which is the upstream port. The hub should be connected to the Wii through the USB A to mini B cable enclosed in the box with the USB A connector plugged into the Wii and the USB mini B connector plugged into the hub.

The remaining ten USB A ports are downstream ports. You have to plug in the devices that you wish to connect with the Wii into these ports.

Please also ensure that the AC Wall power adapter is plugged into the hub. If that is not plugged in and proving power to the hub, the hub will not be able to provide enough power for powering up high powered (devices requiring close to the max power of 500mA as per USB 2.0 specification) USB 2.0 devices.

If you have connected the hub to Wii as described above and none of the devices plugged in are recognized by Wii just post back here or shoot us an email at to let us know. We will help figure out the root cause of the issue and the best possible solution.