Extra display detected

When using a HP ProBook 450 G6 with the UD-ULTCDL, connected through to two HP n246V monitors, we’re having an issue where 3 HP n246V monitors are detected by the Win 10 OS. This is problematic as the operating system is creating a virtual desktop that is not viewable to the end user. Steps taken to mitigate the issue include installing the latest Displaylink software, and updating the firmware on the dock from the downloads provided on the Plugable website. Also, we are not able to disable the display through the Windows 10 Display settings.

Issue fixed by rolling the UHD 620 graphics driver back to a January 2019 release, had an August release installed that was producing the issue.


Thanks for posting!

Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue by rolling back the Intel UHD 620 Graphics driver. The issue you describe we have seen before and typically refer to it as a “phantom” display.

We typically recommend either updating, reinstalling, or rolling back the native graphics driver which you’ve done.

I’ll be closing this thread, but please feel free to open a new post or contact us at support@plugable.com and we’d be glad to help.