external powered speakers No Longer Working

I have two almost identical setups at home and my office, using Dell laptops and external powered speakers and plugable 10 port hub.
The speakers connect with a male headphone plug. I purchased a StarTech converter that allows you to plug in the speakers and it has a USB connector at the other end.
Both systems were working well, until, last week, the office external speakers stopped working.
I brought the StarTech adapter in from home to see if that part malfunctioned, but the problem continued.
Sound comes from the Dell built-in speakers.
Sound comes out of the external speakers if I plug them into the headphone jack.
No sound comes out of the ext speakers if I plug them into the StarTech adapter and then even directly into the USB port on the laptop.
I know that you have helped others with similar situations, so I am hoping that you can straighten me out also!

Hi Steven,

I’ve replied to this inquiry privately. Please look for a message from support@plugable.com with troubleshooting steps. Reply back via that e-mail with feedback, additional questions, or comments.

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