External monitors are blank and external speakers don't get sound

I just got the Plugable 3900 and installed latest drivers. The keyboard and mouse work in the usb 2.0.

Here are my specs.

Laptop : asus n550jv
OS : Windows 8.1
Monitor 1 : Acer LCD Monitor X223W
Monitor 2 : Acer X233H

I found this link on the DisplayLink site http://www.displaylink.org/forum/show… that had someone with the same laptop. The below works with the monitors by disabling the intel card for me not sure if there are other ramifications.

Post from the link
"I have a Asus N550JV with the Nvidia Geforce GT 750M and Intel HD Graphics 4600 running Windows 8.1

I have spend the last few days trying different intel and Nvidia drivers and different versions of Displaylink software but I cannot get this to work without disabling the Intel Card. Am running the latest drivers available for both cards right now and have tried 7.1, 7.4 and 7.6 versions of Displaylink."

I also found a setting in Audio that I had to change from my realtek as the default to the pluggable then audio was coming through the pliable device.


Thanks for the update. The audio solution you found is the recommended one.

The only ramifications of disabling the Intel GPU is that you may see your battery life suffer as the laptop will be using the high powered NVIDIA GPU at all times rather than switching back and forth depending on the graphics demand.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

I’m going to close this post but if you need any additional assistance just reply back to my email.