External monitor not recognized

UD-160-a is not recognizing external monitor plugged in using DVI port. Windows 7 troubleshooting says I am missing ud-160-a device driver.

Hi Cherry,

When you connect the dock to your computer, it should get from Windows Update the DisplayLink drivers for the graphics adapter and the ASIX drivers for the network adapter.

If this does not happen (e.g., there is no Internet connection through which to connect to Windows Update), manual installation is necessary. Sorry for the hassle involved.

  1. For the DisplayLink graphics adapter drivers, go to http://www.displaylink.com/support/do… and get the 5.6M1 drivers at the bottom of the page (still the recommended version for the UD-160-A). Launch the download and follow the install.

  2. For the ASIX network adapter drivers, go to http://www.asix.com.tw/FrootAttach/dr…. This should start a download to your PC.
    –The folder that’s inside the downloaded file is called “AX88772A_760_772_Win7_v3.x.3.6_Drivers_Setup_v1.0.1.0”; double click it to open it.
    –Within that folder is a file titled “setup” of the type “Application”; double click this file to run it.This should bring up an installer. Follow the install routine.

Let us know if you need support along the way. We want to make sure your UD-160-A works as expected.

Best Regards,

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