external monitor goes dark when I close my laptop.

Help! I am new at this. I just installed my plugable 2.0. The monitor comes up, the keyboard and mouse work.
The problem, when I close the lid on my laptop, so I can move it out of ther way and just use my external keyboard, mouse and monitor, it turns itself off, so everything is off.
I would like to keep my laptop permannatley closed, and just use the keyboard, monitor and mouse connected to my pluagable. How do I do this?
I would be thankful for all help!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for posting here! You would need to configure the settings so that the laptop does not sleep or shutdown when the lid is closed. If the system is on Windows 7, the following link has the instructions for doing that:

If the OS on your system is not Windows 7, do post back and let us know which version of OS is currently installed and we can provide you with the instructions for that.