External monitor connectivity issue

When I plug my external monitor to the docking station, the display is fuzzy (with a lot of lines). The monitor works fine when I plug it directly to my laptop. I have already installed the latest drivers, unplugged and plugged everything, and my external monitor screen is still having problems. It was working fine the past 2 weeks. What else can I do?

Hi Jen,

Thanks for reporting this. If it’s something new/sudden, we’ll be able to find a solution, one way or another. Thanks for your patience!

A couple questions to try to figure it out:

  1. What operating system are you running (Win7? 64 or 32 bit?)
  2. If you click on the DisplayLink tray applet which looks like this:


Can you confirm that “Optimize for VIdeo” is not checked (we never recommend running with this checked - it will cause apparent fuzziness as you scroll around in a web browser, etc.)

  1. What connection type are you using to the monitor - VGA or DVI?
  2. And last, is there anything you can think of that changed (new software or updates, especially of any graphics drivers) around that two week point, where you started seeing these problems?

Thanks, we’ll get this figured out. Thanks for your patience and help!

I’m running Windows XP (32 bit) and it is currently connected via DVI (though when the problem occurred it was via DVI–>VGA). I decided to try both connections just in case. It is not being optimized for video. As for anything new, this actually happened last night, right in the middle of typing up an email. I don’t recall doing anything special.

Thanks for the further info!

You’ve already done this once, but could you check one more time each connection point - from monitor to cable, and cable to the docking station? plug in tight, and if possible turn the screws to attach solidly.

And could you also email support@plugable.com with either your shipping address or your Amazon order number? If this appears to be a hardware problem, we’ll send you a replacement unit to confirm it, and get the failing unit back here to diagnose the root cause.

Thanks so much, we’ll get you fixed up!

Just did that – no change. My monitor is now plugged directly to my laptop via VGA and it’s working fine, so I’m not sure why the docking station isn’t. The USB and audio connections on the docking station are fine. I’ve sent an email as requested. Thanks for your help!

The fuzziness Jennifer reported was in fact a hardware problem - this unfortunately was a bad docking station unit. We sent her a replacement, and that solved it. We’re thankful for Jennifer’s patience, and are glad we could get her fixed up!