External drive sleep


What makes the drive go to sleep after 10 minutes? Is it the enclosure’s firmware, or is it the operating system itself?
Also where can I download updated firmware (or check that I have the latest)?
Thank you,


Hi Gigel,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! I’ll be glad to assist.

The 10 minute spin-down is a function of the firmware on the drive dock. We have an alternate firmware available for the UASP1 dock that will disable this functionality. We’re working on a firmware to disable this behavior on our U3 dock as well, and are hoping it will be complete in the next couple weeks.

Please email support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID number and we’ll be able to get a better idea if there are any firmware updates available.



Hi, I have this:
Is it UASP1 or U3?
Don’t you have a page with with firmware downloads on the website so I can check?



Hi Gigel,

Thanks for the link - that’s the UASP1 dock. There are only two firmware versions for that dock, one with no drive spin-down (which was only installed on our first batch of the docks well over a year ago) and the current version which has drive spin-down enabled.

(We do have a tool to check your firmware version, found here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/plugable/bin… ) Though it sounds like we can be certain of which firmware you have since your drive is spinning down.

We do not publicly post the no-spindown firmware, but if you can please email support@plugable.com we’ll be glad to provide the firmware and installation instructions.



Hi Gary,
Thank you very much for the detailed information, I ran the firmware version check and indeed I do have the latest, 130107917d00, that makes the drive go to sleep.
I decided I will stay with that for the moment, rather than change to fw that keeps it awake permanently (especially since I can arrange for some background task myself to access the drive every once in a while to prevent it from sleeping).
I am all good for now.
PS: it would be a nice feature to have the interval user adjustable, either by having the enclosure follow Windows Power profile settings for the drive, or maybe provide a small utility yourself, but that’s just a nice-to-have, not critical at least for me.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Hi Gigel,

Thanks for the kind words, and for the feedback!

I know there have been discussions about how to approach the sleep settings in the firmware, and I’ll make sure these suggestions are mentioned next time we revisit this topic internally.